Review Questions


Review questions are provided after every major topic, in order to test and reinforce the material. These review questions reflect the kind of questions that can be asked on the actual exam. Annotated answers to the review questions are provided in a separate appendix.

Example 0.1 Example Source Code

We encourage experimenting with the code examples in order to reinforce the material from graphics/ccc.gif the book. These can be downloaded from the book Web site (see p. xxxv).

Java code is written in a mono-spaced font. Lines of code in the examples or in code graphics/ccc.gif snippets are referenced in the text by a number, which is specified by using a single-line graphics/ccc.gif comment in the code. For example, in the following code snippet, the call to the method graphics/ccc.gif doSomethingInteresting() hopefully does something interesting at (1).

// ...
doSomethingInteresting();                                                 // (1)
// ...

Names of classes and interfaces start with an uppercase letter. Names of packages, variables, and methods start with a lowercase letter. Constants are all in uppercase letters.