List of Tables

List of Tables

Chapter 2: System Concepts

Table 2-1: Common Application and Kernel Architectures for Sun-4 Systems

Chapter 5: System Run Levels

Table 5-1: Solaris Run Levels and Their Functions
Table 5-2: Solaris Run Level Scripts
Table 5-3: Typical Multiuser Startup Scripts Under Solaris 9
Table 5-4: Typical Single-User Kill Scripts Under Solaris 9

Chapter 10: Files, Directories and Scripts

Table 10-1: Environment Variable Setting for Different Command Prompts Under Bash

Chapter 11: Booting and Initialization

Table 11-1: Solaris Packaging Commands

Chapter 17: Remote Access

Table 17-1: Telnet Client Commands

Chapter 19: The Solaris 9 Network Environment

Table 19-1: Common File Types for Binary vs. ASCII Transfer Mode

Chapter 20: System Logging, Accounting, and Tuning

Table 20-1: A Typical Command Summary (cms) Statement
Table 20-2: Monthly Account Summary
Table 20-3: Charging Fees Using Accounting

Chapter 21: Disk Management

Table 21-1: Commonly Used RAID Levels

Chapter 23: Network File System (NFS)

Table 23-1: NFS Server Options
Table 23-2: NFS Client Options

Chapter 30: Advanced Installation and Management

Table 30-1: Configurable sysidcfg Properties

Chapter 34: Internet Layer

Table 34-1: Supported Solaris Protocols

Chapter 37: Transport Layer

Table 37-1: HTTP Response Codes

Chapter 38: DHCP

Table 38-1: DHCP Codes and Their Meanings

Chapter 39: Network Time Protocol

Table 39-1: XTypes Available Through xntpd

Part I: Solaris 9 Operating Environment, Exam I