Chapter 21: Disk Management

Chapter 21: Disk Management

In this chapter, you will

  • Learn how to mount and unmount local file systems

  • Repair disks using fsck

  • Discover how to configure RAID systems

Solaris servers are often set up to be “highly available,” meaning that the databases, application servers, and distributed applications that they host must be accessible to clients at all times. Such applications and services are often deployed on Solaris because of the failover technologies provided by Sun’s hardware offerings: for example, many high-end SPARC systems feature dual power supplies, and allow for the installation of many hard disks in a single cabinet. The E-450, for example, can house up to 20 high-speed, high-capacity disks (for example, 18GB @ 10,000 rpm).

Part I: Solaris 9 Operating Environment, Exam I