Configuring a Windows DHCP Client

Configuring a Windows DHCP Client

Setting up support for a Microsoft Windows client is easy—you simply select the DHCP support option in the TCP/IP section of the Network Control Panel, which can be found in most versions of Windows. A DHCP client for Windows 95 is shown in Figure 38-3. Once DHCP support is enabled, it is no longer necessary to enter any static IP address information.

Click To expand Figure 38-3: DHCP client for Microsoft Windows

Exercise 39-1: Configuring and Unconfiguring a DHCP Service  This exercise requires you to configure and unconfigure a DHCP service. For example, to set up a DHCP server for the domain, with the DNS server and a lease time of 14,400 seconds (4 hours), the following command sequence would be

  1. Identify the IP address of the local DNS server:# grep nameserver /etc/resolv.conf

  2. Identify the local DNS domain:# cat /etc/defaultdomain

  3. Configure the service:# dhcpconfig -D -r SUNWbinfiles -p /var/dhcp -l 14400 \ -d -a -h dns -y

  4. Unconfigure the service:# dhcpconfig –U –f –x -h

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