Chapter 1. Digital Camera Attachments


    Hack 1.  Pocket Tripods on the Go

    Hack 2.  Travel Tripod: A Happy Compromise

    Hack 3.  Walking-Stick Mount

    Hack 4.  Convert Your Monopod into a Makeshift Tripod

    Hack 5.  Steady Shots from the Comfort of Your Car

    Hack 6.  Attach Your Camera to Bicycle Handlebars

    Hack 7.  Flash Brackets for Pro Lighting

    Hack 8.  A Flexible Arm to Hold Accessories

    Hack 9.  Bubble Levels to Keep Things Straight

    Hack 10.  Battle the Sun with an LCD Hood

    Hack 11.  Convert Your Digicam to a Digital SLR

    Hack 12.  T-Mounts and Other Threaded Tricks

    Hack 13.  Double-Strapping on the Trail

    Hack 14.  Stay in Charge of Your Batteries

    Hack 15.  Gaffer's Tape When All Else Fails