Chapter 2. Daytime Photo Secrets


    Hack 16.  Pantyhose Diffusion Filter for Flattering Portraits

    Hack 17.  Capture Kids Without Going Crazy

    Hack 18.  Use Sunglasses as a Polarizing Filter

    Hack 19.  Get the Big Picture with a Panorama

    Hack 20.  Secrets of Whiteboard Photography

    Hack 21.  Make Your Own Passport Photo

    Hack 22.  Get Super Close

    Hack 23.  Multiple Exposures, Digital Style

    Hack 24.  Go Low-Rez

    Hack 25.  Painless Infrared Photography

    Hack 26.  Create the Maximum Depth of Field

    Hack 27.  Create Soft Background Portraits

    Hack 28.  Analyze Metadata to Improve Your Shots