Chapter 3. Underlying JDK Improvements

Throughout the progressive versions of Java, improvements have been made at all levels of the runtime system: in the garbage collector, in the code, in the VM handling of objects and threads, and in compiler optimizations. It is always worthwhile to check your own application benchmarks against each version (and each vendor's version) of the Java system you try out. Any differences in performance need to be identified and explained; if you can determine that a compiler from one version (or vendor) together with the runtime from another version (or vendor) speeds up your application, you may have the option of choosing the best of both worlds. Standard Java benchmarks tend to be of limited use in deciding which VMs provide the best performance for your application. You are always better off creating your own application benchmark suite for deciding which VM and compiler best suit your application.

The following sections identify some points to consider as you investigate different VMs, compilers, and JDK classes. If you control the target Java runtime environment, i.e., with servlet and other server applications, more options are available to you. We will look at these extra options too.