11.2 Wilbur ? RDF API CLOS

It's been many years since I used LISP, but I wasn't surprised to find at least one RDF implementation based on it: Wilbur, written none by none other than the legendary Ora Lassila, coeditor of the original RDF Model & Syntax Specification and the person whose name appears in many RDF/XML tutorials.

Wilbur is Nokia's RDF Toolkit for CLOS. Documentation and source can be downloaded from the SourceForge location at http://wilbur-rdf.sourceforge.net/docs/.

Wilbur has parsers capable of working with RDF, DAML (an ontology language discussed in more detail in Chapter 12), and straight XML, with the addition of an RDF API, in addition to an HTTP client and frame system built on RDF and DAML+OIL.

The APIs supported by Wilbur are documented online, but there are no examples or screenshots. There may be examples and additional documentation within Wilbur; however, since I didn't have support for CLOS, I couldn't try out the applications or the development tool. However, I wanted to include a reference to it for the sake of comprehensive coverage of language support for RDF.