First among the people I want to acknowledge is the RDF Working Group, the folks who have worked the last two-plus years to get the updated RDF specifications out on the street and into action. The listing of people is quite extensive, but I want to specifically mention a few who were particularly helpful to me while I worked on the book: Brian McBride, Pat Hayes, Dave Beckett, and Frank Manola.

This book would never have hit the streets if it weren't for the patience and good humor of the lead editor, Simon St.Laurent. During the almost year and a half this book was in development, Simon never once lost patience, though other editors might have given up on RDF as a topic.

In addition to Simon, I want to extend my appreciation to the technical editors on the book including Dorothea Salo, Dave Beckett, Uche Ogbuji, and Andy Seaborne. Less formally, I want to also extend my appreciation to those from the RDF community who were so kind as to review one or more chapters in the book for completeness and accuracy:

  • Danny Ayers

  • Kevin Marks

  • Chris Parnell

  • Aaron Swartz

  • Chris Dolin

  • David Jacobs

  • Emmanual Pietriga

  • Bill Simoni

  • Ken MacLeod

  • Seth Ladd

  • York Sure

  • Bill Kerney

  • Ben Hammersley

  • Jens Jacob Andersen

  • David Allsop

  • Resty Cena

  • Barry Sheward

  • Tingley Chase

My apologies if I have inadvertently left someone off this list.

Finally, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the organizations and people responsible for the software and technologies covered in this book. These include:

  • Jena?Hewlett-Packard and Brian McBride, Janet Bruten, Jeremy Carroll, Steve Cayzer, Ian Dickinson, Chris Dollin, Martin Merry, Dave Reynolds, Andy Seaborne, Paul Shabajee, and Stuart Williams

  • Brownsauce?Hewlett-Packard and Damien Steer

  • IsaViz?Emmanual Pietriga

  • The RDF Validator?Art Barstow and Emmanual Pietriga

  • Intellidimension's RDF Gateway and Geoff Chappell

  • AmphetaDesk and Morbus Iff

  • Ginger Alliance PerlRDF and Petr Cimprich

  • RDFLib and Redfoot from Daniel "elkeon" Krech

  • RDFStore and Alberto Reggiori

  • SMORE and Aditya Kalyanpur

  • RDF API for PHP and Chris Bizer

  • Redland and Dave Beckett

  • C# Drive and Rahul Singh

  • Wilbur from Ora Lassila and Nokia

  • Plugged In Software's Tucana Knowledge Store and David Wood

  • Sidrean Software's Seamark Server and Bradley Allan

  • Adobe's XMP

  • Sesame's Arjohn Kampan

  • Meerkat?O'Reilly and Rael Dornfest

  • Ranchero Software's NetNewsWire and Brent Simmons

  • The Mozilla development team members

  • Stanford University's Knowledge Modeling Group and Protégé

  • The Dublin Core effort

  • FOAF, FOAFbot, and FOAF-O-Matic by Leigh Dobbs, Edd Dumbill, Dan Brickley, Libby Miller, rdfweb-dev, and friends

  • The web sites from several weblogging friends including Allan Moult, Chris Kovacs, Jonathon Delacour, Loren Webster, and Dorothea Salo

Books don't get written in a vacuum and this book is no exception. I'd like to thank some special friends for their support and encouragement during the long, long period this book was in development. This includes my best friend, Robert Porter, as well as AKM and Margaret Adam, Jonathon Delacour, Simon St.Laurent, Allan Moult, Chris Kovacks, Loren Webster, Jeneane Sessum, Chris Locke, Dorothea Salo, and others whom I met in the threaded void known as the Internet. Thanks, friends. It's finally done.