Chapter 1. Strings

    Section 1.0.  Introduction

    Section 1.1.  Concatenating (Joining) Strings

    Section 1.2.  Accessing Substrings

    Section 1.3.  Changing String Case

    Section 1.4.  Testing Equality of Two Strings

    Section 1.5.  Testing String Containment Without Regular Expressions

    Section 1.6.  Testing String Containment with Regular Expressions

    Section 1.7.  Searching and Replacing Substrings

    Section 1.8.  Using Special and Escaped Characters

    Section 1.9.  Reading and Writing Strings for Cookies

    Section 1.10.  Converting Between Unicode Values and String Characters

    Section 1.11.  Encoding and Decoding URL Strings

    Section 1.12.  Encoding and Decoding Base64 Strings