Chapter 9. Managing Events

    Section 9.0.  Introduction

    Section 9.1.  Equalizing the IE and W3C Event Models

    Section 9.2.  Initiating a Process After the Page Loads

    Section 9.3.  Determining the Coordinates of a Click Event

    Section 9.4.  Preventing an Event from Performing Its Default Behavior

    Section 9.5.  Blocking Double Clicks

    Section 9.6.  Determining Which Element Received an Event

    Section 9.7.  Determining Which Mouse Button Was Pressed

    Section 9.8.  Reading Which Character Key Was Typed

    Section 9.9.  Reading Which Noncharacter Key Was Pressed

    Section 9.10.  Determining Which Modifier Keys Were Pressed During an Event

    Section 9.11.  Determining the Element the Cursor Rolled From/To

    Section 9.12.  Synchronizing Sounds to Events