Chapter 3. Arrays and Objects

    Section 3.0.  Introduction

    Section 3.1.  Creating a Simple Array

    Section 3.2.  Creating a Multidimensional Array

    Section 3.3.  Converting Between Arrays and Strings

    Section 3.4.  Doing Something with the Items in an Array

    Section 3.5.  Sorting a Simple Array

    Section 3.6.  Combining Arrays

    Section 3.7.  Dividing Arrays

    Section 3.8.  Creating a Custom Object

    Section 3.9.  Simulating a Hash Table for Fast Array Lookup

    Section 3.10.  Doing Something with a Property of an Object

    Section 3.11.  Sorting an Array of Objects

    Section 3.12.  Customizing an Object's Prototype

    Section 3.13.  Converting Arrays and Custom Objects to Strings