Chapter 10. Page Navigation Techniques

    Section 10.0.  Introduction

    Section 10.1.  Loading a New Page or Anchor

    Section 10.2.  Keeping a Page Out of the Browser History

    Section 10.3.  Using a select Element for Navigation

    Section 10.4.  Passing Data Between Pages Via Cookies

    Section 10.5.  Passing Data Between Pages Via Frames

    Section 10.6.  Passing Data Between Pages Via URLs

    Section 10.7.  Creating a Contextual (Right-Click) Menu

    Section 10.8.  Creating Drop-Down Navigation Menus

    Section 10.9.  Providing Navigation Trail Menus

    Section 10.10.  Creating Expandable Menus

    Section 10.11.  Creating Collapsible XML Menus