Creating a Menu

Your online address book will contain several actions, so it makes sense to create a menu for your links. Listing 19.1 creates a menu for all the scripts you will create in this section, called mymenu.php.

Listing 19.1 Address Book Menu
  1: <html>
  2: <head>
  3: <title>My Address Book</title>
  4: </head>
  5: <body>
  6: <h1>My Address Book</h1>
  8: <P><strong>Management</strong>
  9: <ul>
 10: <li><a href="addentry.php">Add an Entry</a>
 11: <li><a href="delentry.php">Delete an Entry</a>
 12: </ul>
 14: <P><strong>Viewing</strong>
 15: <ul>
 16: <li><a href="selentry.php">Select a Record</a>
 17: </ul>
 18: </body>
 19: </html>

Figure 19.1 shows the output of Listing 19.1. You'll tackle each of these items in order, starting with "Add an Entry" in the next section.

Figure 19.1. Address book menu.


    Part III: Getting Involved with the Code