Changes in UML Distilled

Changes in UML Distilled

As these revisions go on, I've been trying to keep up by revising UML Distilled with subsequent printings. I've also taken the opportunity to fix errors and make clarifications.

The first through fifth printings were based on UML 1.0. Any changes to the UML between these printings were minor. The sixth printing took UML 1.1 into account; however, due to a glitch, the inside covers still showed 1.0 notation.

The seventh through 10th printings were based on UML 1.2; the 11th printing was the first to use UML 1.3. Printings based on versions of the UML after 1.0 have the UML version number on the front cover. (Unfortunately, a printing error meant that some copies of the 10th printing were labeled as 1.3I'm sorry about that.)

The first printing of the second edition is based on version 1.3. I can't tell you what later printings will be based on without a crystal ball.

In the rest of this appendix, I'll summarize the two major changes in the UML, from 1.0 to 1.1 and from 1.2 to 1.3. I won't discuss all the changes that occur, but rather only those that change something I said in UML Distilled, or represent important features that I would have discussed in UML Distilled.

I am continuing to follow the spirit of UML Distilled: to discuss the key elements of UML as they affect the application of the UML within real-world projects. As ever, the selections and advice are my own. If there is any conflict between what I say and the official UML documents, the UML documents are the ones to follow. (But do let me know, so I can make corrections.)

I have also taken the opportunity to indicate any important errors and omissions in the earlier printings. Thanks to the readers who have pointed these out to me.