Where to Find Out More

Where to Find Out More

There are lots of books on process. My two favorites are:

  • Cockburn (1998), because he does a good job on focusing on the key issues in a short book. As such, I recommend this as a first book managing an OO project.

  • McConnell (1996), as he provides an in-depth look at best practices.

To find out more about the Rational Unified Process:

  • Kruchten (1999) is a concise overview.

  • Jacobson, Booch, and Rumbaugh (1999) is the source for more details.

If you are interested in a lightweight yet disciplined approach, take a look at Kent Beck's "extreme programming." It is a very different approach that emphasizes strong testing and evolutionary design. See <http://www.armaties.com/extreme.htm> and Kent's forthcoming book (Beck 2000).