A.4 Kernel

This section contains complete details regarding the kernel used in the embedded system. This information is to be used in conjunction with the explanations provided in Chapter 5. Table A-4 describes each field in the "Kernel" section.

Table A-4. Description of "Kernel" fields




The official kernel version as obtained from the primary download site for your architecture.

Download location

The URL from which you obtained the kernel.

Patches: Description

A description of the patch you applied.

Patches: Download location

The URL from which you obtained the patch.

Configuration file location

The complete path on your internal servers or repository to the configuration file used to build the system's kernel.

Configuration summary

A detailed list of the most important configuration options enabled for the system's kernel.

Kernel failure handler description

A description of the kernel panic handler implemented for your system. See Section 5.5 for details.