6.4 Kernel Images

As I said earlier, the presence of the actual kernel image on your root filesystem largely depends on your bootloader's capabilities. If you anticipate that your bootloader's setup will provide for booting a kernel from the root filesystem, you may copy the kernel image to your target's root filesystem at this time:

$ mkdir ${PRJROOT}/rootfs/boot
$ cd ${PRJROOT}/images
$ cp zImage-2.4.18 ${PRJROOT}/rootfs/boot

In addition to the kernel image, you may want to make it a standard practice to copy the configuration file used to create the kernel so that you may be able to service units for which the original project workspace may be lost:

$ cp 2.4.18.config ${PRJROOT}/rootfs/boot

Because we are discussing the actual bootloader setup in Chapter 9, there is nothing more to be done here about the kernel's setup for now. We will continue the kernel image's setup later.

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