A.7 Bootloader Configuration and Use

This section contains detailed information on the bootloader's configuration and use. This information is to be used in conjunction with the explanations in Chapter 9. Table A-7 describes each field in the "Bootloader configuration and use" section.

Table A-7. Description of "Bootloader configuration and use" fields




The bootloader used in the system.


The package version.

Build configuration

A description of the build configuration.

Setup procedure

The manner in which the bootloader is installed in the target's storage device. This can include both software and hardware manipulations.

Boot options: Option

One of the boot options configured into the bootloader.

Boot options: Description

A description of the result of selecting this boot option.

Default boot option

The boot option activated if no other option is selected.


The security procedure for locking and unlocking the bootloader to avoid user tampering.

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