B.5 Linux and Open-Source-Oriented Hardware Projects

FreeIO (http://www.freeio.org/)

FreeIO (Free Hardware Resources for the Free Software Community) is an effort to develop and distribute hardware schematics and designs under the terms of the GNU GPL. The web site already hosts a number of hardware designs along with the relevant Linux drivers.

LART (http://www.lart.tudelft.nl/)

This project's goal is to develop a StrongARM-based embedded board that runs Linux. The board schematics and lots of extension modules and software are available from the project's web site.

MyLinux (http://www.azpower.com/mylinux/)

This project aims to develop a SuperH-based PDA-like embedded system that runs Linux. The project's details along with pictures are available from the project's web site.

Opencores.ORG (http://www.opencores.org/)

A collection of projects that develop Intellectual Property (IP) cores and distribute them under the terms of the GNU GPL. Quite a few building blocks are already available.

Simputer (http://www.simputer.org/)

An effort to develop an inexpensive reference hardware platform that runs Linux.

TuxScreen (http://www.tuxscreen.net/)

Originally a Philips product, TuxScreen is a StrongARM-based platform that includes a phone set, a screen, and a full keyboard. Though no more units are available for purchase, the site includes schematics that may be useful to other projects.

uClinux boards (http://www.uclinux.org/)

One of the first hardware projects specifically aimed at building an embedded system capable of running Linux. The MMU-less port of Linux originates from this project.