A.5 Root filesystem

This section contains complete details of the target's root filesystem. This information is to be used in conjunction with the explanations provided in Chapter 6. Table A-5 describes each field in the "Root filesystem" section. The "/dev device entries" part of this section lists the /dev entries created in addition to those discussed in Chapter 6. The "System applications" part of this section lists the system applications used to provide basic Unix services, such as BusyBox, TinyLogin, and Embutils. The "System initialization" part of this section lists the services started by init and the fashion in which they are started.

Table A-5. Description of "Root filesystem" fields



C library

The C library used in the embedded system: glibc, uClibc, or diet libc.

C library components

The C library components copied to the target's /lib directory as discussed in Chapter 6.

/dev device entries: Name

The name of the entry.

/dev device entries: Major nbr

The device major number for this entry.

/dev device entries: Minor nbr

The device minor number for this entry.

/dev device entries: Used by

The applications that use this entry.

System applications: Package

The name of the system application package.

System applications: Version

The package version

System applications: Build config

A summary of the package's configuration. For BusyBox, for example, list the configuration changes to the configuration default.

System applications: Config file location

The complete path on your internal servers or repository to the configuration file used to build this package.

System initialization: Service

The service or binary being started.

System initialization: Type of activation

The type of init activation. Examples include: askfirst, wait, and once. See Chapter 6 for the complete list.