6.2 Stand-Alone Servers

6.2 Stand-Alone Servers

Stand-alone network servers are no different than any other server daemons on your system (such as cron), except that they listen on network ports. In fact, you already saw syslogd in Chapter 4, which accepts UDP packets on port 514 if it is started with the -r option.

Here are some other common network servers that you may find running on your system:

  • httpd Web server

  • lpd Print server (see Chapter 12)

  • postfix, qmail, sendmail Mail servers

  • sshd Secure shell daemon (see Section 6.4)

  • nfsd, mountd Network filesystem daemons

  • smbd, nmbd Windows file-sharing daemons (see Chapter 14)

  • portmap Remote procedure call (RPC) portmap service daemon