List of Figures

List of Figures

Chapter 1: The Basics

Figure 1-1: The pieces of a file mode

Chapter 4: Essential System Files, Servers, and Utilities

Figure 4-1: An entry in the password file.
Figure 4-2: An entry in the group file.
Figure 4-3: An entry in the crontab file.

Chapter 5: Configuring Your Network

Figure 5-1: A typical local area network with an Internet link.
Figure 5-2: A typical PPP link.
Figure 5-3: A twisted-pair Ethernet local area network.
Figure 5-4: Two subnets joined with a router.
Figure 5-5: Three subnets.

Chapter 10: Maintaining the Kernel

Figure 10-1: The make menuconfig kernel configuration menu.

Chapter 13: Backups

Figure 13-1: Files and file marks on a tape.
Figure 13-2: The tape head at the beginning of a tape.
Figure 13-3: The tape containing three archive files with the head at the start of a new file.
Figure 13-4: The tape head at the end of file 0.
Figure 13-5: The tape head at the beginning of file 1.

Chapter 17: Buying Hardware for Linux

Figure 17-1: Costs of several processors.
Figure 17-2: Performance value.