List of Tables

List of Tables

Chapter 1: The Basics

Table 1-1: Special Characters
Table 1-2: Command-Line Keystrokes
Table 1-3: Online Manual Sections
Table 1-4: Absolute Permission Modes

Chapter 2: Devices, Disks, Filesystems, and the Kernel

Table 2-1: Sample Device Assignments

Chapter 4: Essential System Files, Servers, and Utilities

Table 4-1: Essential Configuration Files

Chapter 5: Configuring Your Network

Table 5-1: Subnet Masks
Table 5-2: Private Networks Defined by RFC 1918
Table 5-3: iptables Command Options
Table 5-4: iptables Packet Specification Options
Table 5-5: iwconfig Parameters

Chapter 6: Network Services

Table 6-1: OpenSSH Key Files
Table 6-2: netstat Options
Table 6-3: tcpdump Primitives

Chapter 7: Introduction to Shell Scripts

Table 7-1: File Type Operators
Table 7-2: File Permissions Operators
Table 7-3: Arithmetic Comparison Operators

Chapter 13: Backups

Table 13-1: Block Sizes for Common Archiving Programs

Appendix A: Command Classification

Table A-1: File Management Commands
Table A-2: Text Processing and Scripting Commands
Table A-3: Online Documentation Commands
Table A-4: Process and System Utility Commands
Table A-5: System Information Commands
Table A-6: Archival and Compression Commands
Table A-7: Miscellaneous Utility Commands
Table A-8: Development Commands
Table A-9: Shells