using keyword

using keyword Looks up names in alternate classes or namespaces

block-decl := using-decl | using-directive

using-decl ::= using [typename] [::] nested-name :: unqualified-id ; | 

    using [::] unqualified-id ;

using-directive ::= using namespace [::] [nested-name ::] namespace-name ;

The using keyword starts a using declaration or using directive.

A using declaration imports a name from another namespace into the current namespace. It can also be used to introduce a name into a class scope; this is most often used to promote the access level of an inherited member or bring an inherited member into the derived class for overload resolution.

A using directive tells the compiler to search an additional namespace when looking up unqualified names.


namespace math {

  const long double pi = 3.1415926535897932385L;


using math::pi;

long double tan(long double x = pi);

int main(  )


  using namespace std;

  cout << "pi=" << math::pi << '\n';


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