1. Stinson, Barry. PostgreSQL Essential Reference. New Riders Publishing, 2002. Chapter 13 provides a brief description of how to install unixODBC and create a PostgreSQL data source.

2. Gulutzan, Peter and Pelzer, Trudy. SQL-99 Complete, Really. R&D Books, 1999. The ODBC standard is paralleled by the SQL-99 standard. This book provides a complete description of SQL-99. Most of the information in this book applies directly to an ODBC application.

3. Sanders, Roger E. DB2 Universal Database Call Level Interface Developer's Guide. McGraw-Hill, 1999. The DB2 Call Level Interface is nearly identical to the ODBC API; as in the previous reference, this book translates almost entirely into ODBC.

4. Geiger, Kyle. Inside ODBC. Microsoft Press, 1995. This book is currently out of print, but if you can find a copy, I highly recommend it. Inside ODBC includes an interesting history of ODBC development within Microsoft and describes how ODBC works from the inside.

    Part II: Programming with PostgreSQL