Chapter 5. Introduction to PostgreSQL Programming

PostgreSQL is a client/server database. When you use PostgreSQL, there are at least two processes involved?the client and the server. In a client/server environment, the server provides a service to one or more clients. The PostgreSQL server provides data storage and retrieval services. A PostgreSQL client is an application that receives data storage and retrieval services from a PostgreSQL server. Quite often, the client and the server exist on different physical machines connected by a network. The client and server can also exist on a single host. As you will see, the client and the server do not have to be written in the same computer language. The PostgreSQL server is written in C; many client applications are written in other languages.

In this chapter, I'll introduce you to some of the concepts behind client/server programming for PostgreSQL. I'll also show you options you have for server-side programming languages and for client-side programming interfaces. I also discuss the basic structure of a PostgreSQL client application, regardless of which client-side language you choose. Finally, I explore the advantages and disadvantages of client-side versus server-side code.

    Part II: Programming with PostgreSQL