Recipe 1.10 Printing the Latest Tripwire Report

1.10.1 Problem

You want to display the results of the most recent integrity check.

1.10.2 Solution

HOST=`hostname -s`
LAST_REPORT=`ls -1t $DIR/$HOST-*.twr | head -1`
twprint --print-report --twrfile "$LAST_REPORT"

1.10.3 Discussion

Tripwire reports are stored in the location indicated by the REPORTFILE variable in the Tripwire configuration file. A common value is:

REPORTFILE = /var/lib/tripwire/report/$(HOSTNAME)-$(DATE).twr

The HOSTNAME variable contains the hostname of your machine (big surprise), and DATE is a numeric timestamp such as 20020409-040521 (April 9, 2002, at 4:05:21). So for host trippy, this report filename would be:


When tripwire runs, it can optionally send reports by email. This notification should not be considered reliable since email can be suppressed, spoofed, or otherwise compromised. Instead, get into the habit of examining the reports yourself.

The twprint program can print reports not only for integrity checks but also for the Tripwire database. To do the latter:

# twprint --print-dbfile --dbfile /var/lib/tripwire/`hostname -s`.twd
Tripwire(R) 2.3.0 Database
Database generated by:        root
Database generated on:        Mon Apr  1 22:33:52 2002
Database last updated on:     Never
... contents follow ...

1.10.4 See Also


    Chapter 9. Testing and Monitoring