Recipe 7.19 Adding Your Key to a Keyserver

7.19.1 Problem

You have generated a new GnuPG key, and you want to make your public key available to others via a keyserver.

7.19.2 Solution

Send the key to the keyserver:

$ gpg --keyserver server_name_or_IP_address --send-keys key_ID

Some well-known PGP/GnuPG keyservers are:

Additionally, most keyservers have a web-based interface for adding and locating keys.

7.19.3 Discussion

A keyserver is a resource for storing and retrieving public keys, often accessible via the Web. Most widely-used GnuPG keyservers share keys automatically amongst themselves, so it is not necessary to send your key to all of them. Your key should be available on many keyservers within a day or two.

7.19.4 See Also

gpg(1), and the keyservers mentioned herein.

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