Recipe 8.4 Encrypted Mail with Mozilla

8.4.1 Problem

You want to send and receive encrypted email conveniently with Mozilla's Mail & Newsgroups application.

8.4.2 Solution

Use Enigmail from for GnuPG encryption support. S/MIME is also supported natively within Mozilla.

8.4.3 Discussion

Once you have downloaded and installed Enigmail, compose a message normally, addressing it to someone whose public key is in your GnuPG keyring. Instead of clicking the Send button, notice that your message window has a new menu, Enigmail. From this menu, you choose to encrypt or sign your message, or both, and it is immediately sent.

To decrypt a message you receive, simply view it and Mozilla will prompt for your GnuPG passphrase.

Your Mail & Newsgroups window also has a new Enigmail menu. Explore both menus where you'll find numerous useful options and utilities: generating new GnuPG keys, setting default behavior, viewing the actual gpg commands invoked, and more.

8.4.4 See Also

The Enigmail home page is, and Mozilla's is

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