NetDebugConfig.setDebug( )

NetDebugConfig.setDebug( ) MethodFlash 6

sets the state of NetConnection debugging
myConnection.getDebugConfig( ).setDebug(setting)



true or false value to turn debugging on or off.


The setDebug( ) method is used to turn debugging on or off programmatically. This can be useful if you are testing an application and need a way to turn debugging on only at certain times, such as when a problem occurs. This is a good way to limit logging so that errors aren't lost in a flood of status messages, although you can turn debugging on and off for individual events using the properties in Table 15-2.

The file must be included in order to use the setDebug( ) method.


The following code shows the basic syntax of the setDebug( ) method:

#include ""
#include ""

if (connected == null) {
  connected = true;
  var my_conn = NetServices.createGatewayConnection( );
  var my_service = my_conn.getService("com.oreilly.frdg.searchProducts");
  my_conn.getDebugConfig( ).setDebug(true);


At the time of this writing, this method has no effect on the debugging mode. It has been removed from Macromedia's online documentation at and should be considered unsupported until Macromedia updates their documentation.

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