RecordSet.sort( )

RecordSet.sort( ) MethodFlash 6

sorts a recordset



A custom function that facilitates the sort of the recordset by comparing records.


The sort( ) method sorts a RecordSet object in place using a user-specified sort function. The compare function should compare two records (which are passed as two arguments to the function) and return a positive number if the first record is greater than the second record, a negative number if the second record is greater, and 0 otherwise.


The following code demonstrates the sort( ) method on a RecordSet object, sorting by last name and then first name using a custom sortByFirstAndLast( ) function:

#include ""
var myRecordset_rs = new RecordSet(["First", "Last", "Email"]);
myRecordset_rs.addItem({First:"Tom",  Last:"Muck"});
myRecordset_rs.addItem({First:"Jack", Last:"Splat"});
myRecordset_rs.addItem({First:"Bob",  Last:"Splat"});
myRecordset_rs.addItem({First:"Biff", Last:"Splat"});

function sortByFirstAndLast(rec1, rec2) {
  if (rec1.Last < rec2.Last) return -1;
  if (rec1.Last > rec2.Last) return 1;
  if (rec1.First < rec2.First) return -1;
  if (rec1.First > rec2.First) return 1;
  return 0;

for (var i=0; i < myRecordset_rs.getLength( ); i++)
  trace(myRecordset_rs.getItemAt(i).Last + ", " +

In this case, the records are sorted by last name and first name. If we want to sort by only one field, we can use the sortItemsBy( ) method, which is about 10 times faster. After running the sort, the items are now in this order:

Muck, Tom
Splat, Biff
Splat, Bob
Splat, Jack

See Also

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