Chapter 1. General Administration

    Hacks #1-16

    Section 1.  Use Run As to Perform Administrative Tasks

    Section 2.  Drag and Drop to the Run Menu

    Section 3.  Find and Replace Registry Keys from a Command Line

    Section 4.  Automatically Log On After Booting

    Section 5.  Wait for and Optionally Terminate a Process

    Section 6.  Shut Down a Remote Computer

    Section 7.  Rename Mapped Drives

    Section 8.  Execute a Command on Each Computer in a Domain

    Section 9.  Add, Remove, or Retrieve Environment Variables

    Section 10.  Extend Group Policy

    Section 11.  Disable EFS

    Section 12.  Get Event Log Information

    Section 13.  Shortcut to Remote Assistance

    Section 14.  Desktop Checker

    Section 15.  Top Five Tools

    Section 16.