Chapter 4. Networking Services

    Hacks #36-47

    Section 36.  Manage Services on Remote Machines

    Section 37.  Simplify DNS Aging and Scavenging

    Section 38.  Troubleshoot DNS

    Section 39.  Manually Recreate a Damaged WINS Database

    Section 40.  Change WINS for All Enabled Adapters

    Section 41.  Ensure DHCP Server Availability

    Section 42.  Change a Network Adapter's IP Info

    Section 43.  Change from Static IP to DHCP

    Section 44.  Release and Renew IP Addresses

    Section 45.  Use netsh to Change Configuration Settings

    Section 46.  Remove Orphaned Network Cards

    Section 47.  Implement Windows 2000 Network Load Balancing