Talk about a book being a cooperative venture; this one was definitely so, for without the time, expertise, and content contributed by so many other IT professionals?many of them columnists on ( book wouldn't be the valuable resource to Windows system administrators that it is. So, a big thanks to everyone who contributed hacks to this book. You deserve it first, so thanks! And thanks especially to Rod Trent, CEO of, for his friendship and support?thanks, man!

Second comes my thanks to Rael Dornfest, my editor at O'Reilly, who has been great fun to work with and whose gentle prodding has helped keep me focused on the task at hand?making this book as good as possible. Thanks, Rael!

Third in line for thanks is my agent, Neil Salkind of Studio B (, for his friendship and support in writing this, my 14th book. Thanks, Neil!

Fourth, thanks to MTS Communications Inc. ( for providing Internet services and web hosting for my web site (, with special thanks to Dinis Prazeres there at MTS. Thanks!

Last but not least, thanks to my wife and business partner, Ingrid, coauthor of the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking, 2nd Edition and consultant for our company MTIT Enterprises. ( Thanks, Schatz!