Foreword: I'm a Sci-Fi freak

Foreword: I'm a Sci-Fi freak

Just because I work in the computer technology field, you might automatically assume that I'm also an avid science fiction reader. And, while there are many IT professionals who have never spoken a single word of Klingon or adeptly wielded a light saber made of paper towel rolls, if you point your finger at me, you can rest assured that your accusation is spot on. To be fair, my love of Science Fiction began years before I had my hands on a computer keyboard. I was practicing the Vulcan hand greeting long before I was potty trained, and I was mind-melding with my favorite pet before I knew how to feed myself. You can imagine my parents' joy.

When Mitch Tulloch approached me about helping out with Windows Server Hacks, there was no hesitation in my response. Even though I've known Mitch for years and his work is always top-notch, Mitch has an unfair advantage when it comes to making Windows Server Hacks successful?he actually carried the nickname of "The Vulcan" during his university days. So, using a kind of mind-meld, Mitch pieced together a culmination of the most powerful solutions on Earth to load Windows Server Hacks with tricks, tips, scripts, tools, and workarounds to help systems administrators manage their Windows-based networks. We've all bought books and ended up skipping pages or chapters because the information provided simply does not apply to our specific situation. But because the information in Windows Server Hacks comes from real world experience based on tried-and-true solutions, you'll probably use more of this book than any other in your tech library.

In addition to working with Mitch, I was also excited that Windows Server Hacks would include many solutions from the community. Among the membership, you'll find some of the smartest individuals in the industry who are willing to share their solutions to help make the IT world a better place. This fact becomes clearly evident as you read and implement the solutions in this book. And, when you're ready to find more solutions like those represented in Windows Server Hacks, you can stop by and experience the community.

As many of you know, Vulcans show no emotion. So, I guess I may have ultimately tipped my hat when I was doubly excited that Windows Server Hacks was an O'Reilly project. O'Reilly is one of the top publishers in the world, spreading high-quality information to IT workers everywhere. For that, I am honored for the opportunity to introduce this book. I know you'll find it as useful as I do.

To all those that contributed to this book, I salute you. Of course, that salute comes in the form of a perfectly crafted Vulcan hand greeting?Mitch would know.

Rod Trent

Live long and prosper, Rod.

?Mitch :-)