Stuff You'll Find in This Book

This book includes several features that should help you master wireless topics. Here's a summary of the elements that you'll find:

  • What You Will Learn? Every chapter begins with a list of objectives that are addressed in the chapter. The objectives summarize what you will learn in the chapter.

  • Key terms and Glossary? Throughout this book, you will see key terms formatted with bold and italics. These terms are particularly significant in wireless networking. So, if you find you aren't familiar with the term or at any point need a refresher, just look up the term in the Glossary toward the end of the book to find a full definition.

  • Chapter summaries? Every chapter concludes with a comprehensive chapter summary that reviews chapter objectives, ensuring complete coverage and discussing the chapter's relationship to future content.

  • Chapter review questions? Every chapter concludes with review questions. These questions test the basic ideas and concepts covered in each chapter. You can find the answers and explanations to the questions in Appendix A.

  • Nontechie headings and explanations? The headings and text used throughout this book avoid the use of technical terms when possible, focusing instead on words that connote something about the underlying concepts.

The illustrations in this book use the following icons for networking devices and connections: