Section A.3. World Wide Web Sites

This section lists just a few of the thousands of Linux web sites on the Internet, broken down into somewhat arbitrary categories. Due to the dynamic nature of the Web, some of these sites may no longer be active and many new ones will undoubtedly exist by the time you read this.

A.3.1. General Documentation

These sites offer online documentation , articles about Linux, or information geared to specific areas of Linux.

Web site


A web site with a number of free online books, some of which are Linux-related, such as KDE 2.0 Development

A site of news and forums

Linux Enterprise Computing site

Linux on Laptops site

Linux Focus, a free online magazine

Linux Gazette, a monthly online magazine

Web site for Linux Journal magazine

The web site for Linux Magazine

Linux Questions, a very popular and information-rich site

Main site for the Linux Documentation Project

A.3.2. Open Source Projects

Listed here are web sites for some of the more popular open source and free software projects.

Web site

Description, a project supported by several vendors to harmonize desktop projects and provide new functionality in common

The KDE Office Suite project

The AbiWord word processor

Alternative Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) sound driver project

The Apache web server project

The Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS)

The GNOME Desktop project

The GNU Project

ISDN4Linux, supporting ISDN on Linux

The K Desktop Environment (KDE)

The official Linux kernel site

The Linux USB project

The Mozilla web browser project

The MySQL database

The office suite project, the open source version of StarOffice

The Postfix mailer project

The Persistence Of Vision ray tracer

The Wine project

Maintainers of the X Window System

A.3.3. Programming Languages and Tools

These sites are related to popular Linux programming languages and to the hosting of Linux software projects.

Web site


A site that hosts many Linux software projects, providing a place for documentation, a source code repository, bug tracking, and software building

GNU Savannah, a site offering features similar to SourceForge, but officially endorsed by the Free Software Foundation because all the hosting software is licensed under the GPL

The home page of the Linux Java porting project

Official site of the Perl programming language

Web site for the PHP programming language

Home page of the Python programming language

A.3.4. News and Information Sites

These sites offer news of interest to Linux users.

Web site


A site dedicated to Linux on the desktop

A general Linux information and news site (with a very desirable URL)

Linux Today web site

Linux Weekly News web site, which has in-depth coverage of the kernel and other developments

News and general information on Linux security issues

NewsForge web site

The popular news and discussion site that bills itself as "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters."

The Register, a UK site for IT industry news with a pro-Linux slant

VarLinux news site, for Value Added Resellers (VARs)

A.3.5. Linux Software Directories and Download Sites

Listed here are some sites that maintain large searchable libraries of Linux software with links to download sites.

Web site


A huge directory of Linux and open source software

The large Icewalkers Linux software directory site

The Linuxberg software directory site

A.3.6. Linux Distributions

Here is a long but by no means comprehensive list of some of the different Linux distributions available. These range from those backed by large companies, such as Red Hat, to specialized distributions developed by individuals or small groups. The DistroWatch site ( has interesting news and statistics on the many available distributions.

Web site


Debian GNU/Linux, a popular community-developed distribution

Fedora Core, an open source version of Red Hat that undergoes rapid development

Gentoo Linux, a fast-moving community project that focuses on source distribution

Knoppix, a live CD good for trying out Linux and doing system recovery

Kubuntu Linux, a version of Ubuntu that offers the KDE desktop

Linspire, a stable, end-user, desktop commercial product


Mandriva Linux

OpenSUSE, the open source version of SUSE Linux

Red Hat Linux

Slackware Linux

SUSE Linux, now distributed by Novell

Turbolinux, a distribution popular in East Asia

Ubuntu Linux, an end-user desktop system

Xandros Desktop Linux

Yellow Dog Linux, a distribution for Macintosh hardware

A.3.7. Commercial Linux Software Companies

Listed here are some companies that offer commercial software and services, other than Linux distributions, for the Linux platform.

Web site


CodeWeavers, developer of CrossOver Office and CrossOver Plugin, products based on the software of the Wine project that offer the ability to run Windows applications on Linux

TrollTech, developer of Qt, a cross-platform graphical toolkit. Qt is used as the basis for the KDE.

VistaSource, formerly Applix, is the developer of the Applixware Office Suite.

VmWare sells virtual machine software that allows running one operating system on top of another, such as Windows on Linux, and vice versa.

A.3.8. Internet RFCs and Other Standards

These are a few of the many sites that host standards used by Linux and the Internet.

Web site


An archive site for Requests For Comments, or RFCs, the technical documents that describe many of the protocols around which the Internet is built. It also includes many other standards documents and FAQs.

The Free Standards Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the use and acceptance of open source technologies through the development, application, and promotion of standards.

The Linux Standard Base, a project of the Free Standards Group that develops and promotes a set of standards to increase compatibility among Linux distributions and enable software applications to run on any compliant Linux system.

The World Wide Web Consortium, an organization that develops specifications, guidelines, software, and tools for the World Wide Web.

A.3.9. Miscellaneous

Finally, here are some sites that defied categorization in any of the other sections.

Web site


The Linux Counter, a unique site that collects data in an attempt to estimate the total number of Linux users worldwide.

Linux International, a nonprofit organization that works toward the promotion of Linux and the Linux community.

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