Part I: Enjoying and Being Productive on Linux

Part I: Enjoying and Being Productive on Linux

This part of the book introduces Linux and brings you to the point where you can do all the standard activities people do on other systems: emailing, web surfing, playing games, watching videos, and so on.

Chapter 2 is worth reading even if you plan to install Linux from an easy-to-use distribution. Fundamental considerations, such as how much disk space to devote to different parts of your system, indicate that some planning lies behind every installation.

The vast majority of Linux installations go well and make the features discussed in this part of the book available to system users. If you have trouble, though, the more advanced material in other parts of the book can help you, along with online documentation and more specialized texts.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Linux

Chapter 2: Preinstallation and Installation

Chapter 3: Desktop Environments

Chapter 4: Basic Unix Commands and Concepts

Chapter 5: Web Browsers and Instant Messaging

Chapter 6: Electronic Mail Clients

Chapter 7: Games

Chapter 8: Office Suites and Personal Productivity

Chapter 9: Multimedia

Part I: Enjoying and Being Productive on Linux
Part II: System Administration