Chapter 19. Text Editing

In this chapter, we will look at some editors for editing text . As you have already learned, Linux is rich in configuration files, and even though there are more and more graphical tools for configuring your system, you will not get far without being able to operate at least one text editor. And of course, if you want to author text documents using a real formatting language like those described in the next chapter, or want to write your own software, as described in Chapter 21, you will need text editors even more. There is a good reason why we discuss more than one text editor here. There are the really large and comfortable ones such as XEmacs, but if you just want to change a few characters here or there, firing up such a huge beast may take longer than you are willing to wait, and in this case it is good if you are able to use a smaller editor such as vi. Or, you might be connected to your Linux system via a slow, remote link. In this case, you may want to sacrifice some usage convenience for faster redraws in simpler editors.

Part I: Enjoying and Being Productive on Linux
Part II: System Administration