Conventions Used in This Book

Although it is my hope that you can figure out everything in this book on your own without requiring an instruction manual, it makes sense to mention a couple of points about how information is presented in this book.

Web Addresses

There are tons of Web addresses in this book, mostly because these are places you can go for further information on a variety of related topics. Web addresses are denoted using a special font. For example:

You should also note that in most cases I omitted the http:// with which Web addresses technically start (Web browsers insert it anyhow, so there is no need to type it).

Special Elements

This book also includes a few special elements that provide additional information not in the basic text. These elements are designed to supplement the text to make your learning faster, easier, and more efficient.



A tip is a piece of advice?a little trick, actually?that lets you use your computer more effectively or maneuver around problems or limitations.



A caution will tell you to beware of a potentially dangerous act or situation. In some cases, ignoring a caution could cause you problems?so pay attention to them!


A note is designed to provide information that is generally useful but not specifically necessary for what you're doing at the moment. Some are like extended tips?interesting, but not essential.