Chapter 12. Working with National Wi-Fi Networks

In this chapter

  • National networks of Wi-Fi hotspots

  • Comparison of charges

  • Roaming

In this chapter, I suppose that you have your mobile Wi-Fi device ready to roll and want to sign up with a Wi-Fi network. You may primarily be interested in using Wi-Fi hotspots locally, or you may want to use them for more distant traveling. In either case, the issues are much the same as when you choose a wireless cell phone provider. You should be concerned about

  • How widespread is the coverage?

  • What are the costs and fees?

  • Are there any discounts?

  • What are the roaming policies in place?

  • How good is customer service?

This chapter answers these questions. I'll start with a rundown of the major national networks. (You'll find a more complete listing of Wi-Fi networks with some of the smaller players and some non-U.S. providers in Appendix B, "Finding Wi-Fi Hotspots.")