Appendix B. Finding Wi-Fi Hotspots

Appendix B. Finding Wi-Fi Hotspots

In Chapter 11, "Where Can You Wi-Fi," I told you about the most commonly used online Wi-Fi hotspot directories. As a convenience, that list of sites is reproduced in this appendix. I've also included the list of Wi-Fi networks discussed in Chapter 12, "Working with National Wi-Fi Networks."

The problem is that, as they say, "you can't get there from here": An online source of information doesn't do you any good if you are not already online.

Besides online directories and Wi-Fi networks, this appendix lists the places where you are most likely to find a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Some of these are well known; for example, almost everyone knows that you can find a Wi-Fi hotspot at many Starbucks coffee shops. Others may surprise you.

Of course, no such listing can be complete (it would take an entire book). Also, the number of hotspots is expanding every day. But getting accurate information about the location of hotspots can be difficult, so this appendix is intended to give you a "leg up" on the task!

The categories I've included are "Retail Locations," "Hotels," "Airports," and "Free Public Networks"?meaning public noncommercial Wi-Fi hotspots that you don't have to pay for.