Chapter 1. Entering a World Without Wires

In this chapter

  • Understanding the 802.11 standard and Wi-Fi

  • How the Wi-Fi Alliance works

  • Why Wi-Fi is important, and its place in the world

  • Wi-Fi networks and how they work: the hundred-mile view

  • Hitting the road with Wi-Fi

Have you ever wanted to lounge on a beach chair at a fancy resort and surf the Internet? Connect and get your email in a coffee shop such as Starbucks, or one inside a Borders bookstore? Put together some computers in your home so that they can share files or access to the Internet without drilling holes or snaking snarled wires from one computer to another?

With Wi-Fi, you can do all these things, and more.

This book shows you how.

I don't assume you know anything about Wi-Fi, or about any of the related topics, such as how to set up a network of computers. You'll find everything you need to take your wireless computer on the road, and to set up a wireless network, right here between these pages (well, except the hardware and software, of course, but I'll tell you how to go about getting that!).

So step right up and get ready to enter a wonderful new world without wires!