Chapter 15. Configuring Your Wi-Fi Network

In this chapter

  • Ad-hoc networking

  • Working with Ipconfig

  • Working with different network topologies

  • Serving Wi-Fi to an area with interference

  • Creating a hotspot

In Chapter 14, "Setting Up Your Access Point," I showed you how to set up a very simple network using a Wi-Fi access point/router combination. The equipment needed for that kind of network has become quite inexpensive, and it should do for a great many home and small office applications. This chapter fills in some gaps in Chapter 14, and discusses some of the other topics that can come up in networks that involve Wi-Fi. I'll start by showing you how ad-hoc, or peer-to-peer, networking works with Wi-Fi. Next, I'll go on to a number of topics that are involved in setting up networks and show you some of the theory of different ways to arrange networks. I'll finish the chapter with two case studies showing you how Wi-Fi networking has been used to solve some specific problems.