Chapter 5. Buying a Wi-Fi Laptop

In this chapter

  • What's inside a laptop computer?

  • Making the right choices

  • To Mac or not to Mac

  • Buying a Mac notebook with Wi-Fi from Apple

  • Buying a Windows notebook with integrated Wi-Fi

So you've read the preceding section of the book, and feel all excited about Wi-Fi. (Okay, you don't have to have read the previous section, you can be excited all on your own!) You're ready to go out and surf while you sip latte, or read your email at the airport (or better yet, poolside).

There's only one itsy, bitsy tiny problem. You don't have a laptop that works with Wi-Fi.

This chapter assumes that you are getting ready to go out and buy a Wi-Fi mobile computer. (If you want to add Wi-Fi to an existing computer, you should turn to Chapter 8, "Adding Wi-Fi to a Mobile Computer," and Chapter 9, "Wi-Fi on Your Desktop.") You'll learn about the most important considerations when buying a mobile computer, things to look out for, what's really important, and the best places to buy your computer. By the way, in this chapter, I am using the terms "mobile computer," "laptop computer,"and "notebook computer" to mean exactly the same thing.