How This Book Is Organized

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Wi-Fi is organized into five main parts, as follows:

  • Part I, "Why Wi-Fi?" is a general introduction to the Wi-Fi technology and using Wi-Fi. This part explains why Wi-Fi is one of the fastest-growing technologies of all time and why it is important to all computer users.

  • Part II, "Setting Up Your Computer for Wi-Fi" explains how to buy a Wi-Fi?enabled computer, shows you how to set up your computers to work with Wi-Fi, and surveys some of the cool Wi-Fi gizmos and gadgets that are available.

  • Part III, "Going Mobile with Wi-Fi" shows you how to use your Wi-Fi laptop or PDA on the road, explains the best road warrior tools to bring, teaches you how to find the best places to connect, and gives you tips on making the best deal with Wi-Fi service providers.

  • Part IV, "Creating a Wi-Fi Network" explains everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about successfully setting up and managing a wireless network in your home or small office.

  • Part V, "Securing Your Wi-Fi Computer and Network" explains how to safely and securely deploy Wi-Fi on the road and at home.

Besides the 19 chapters in five parts in this book, I've also provided several really useful appendixes:

  • Appendix A, "Wireless Standards" provides more details about the ins and outs of the 802.11 wireless standards.

  • Appendix B, "Finding Wi-Fi Hotspots" shows you how to find Wi-Fi hotspots, and provides specific information (which is hard to find in one place) about Wi-Fi locations such as airports, hotels, and retail stores. This appendix alone is worth the price of this book!

Because Wi-Fi rests at the intersections of a number of technologies?wireless broadcasting and computer networking, to name two?it is replete with jargon and technical terminology. To help you hack your way through this morass of incomprehensible techno-babble and acronym soup, I've also provided a complete glossary.

Taken together, the 19 chapters, two appendixes, and glossary in Absolute Beginner's Guide to Wi-Fi provide all the information you need to Wi-Fi successfully and happily!