This chapter offered an introduction to the user-space routing engines used throughout the book (routed, MRT, GateD, Zebra/Quagga) for both the BSD and Linux world of operating systems. In addition, the Bird and XORP projects were briefly discussed, as were topics such as where to get the packages, first-time installation, and caveats. Due to its limitations, the deployment of routed is discouraged in larger networks, especially on Linux systems. As a result of this chapter, the Zebra/Quagga routing engines and XORP are my recommendation for production deployments for the future. Although MRT and GateD public are stable, they are not actively maintained any more. XORP is a project with great potential, but it is still in its infancy.

Chapter 14 discusses mrouted and multicast concepts and architectures, and includes coverage of the mrouted daemon itself, PIM, DVMRP, and IGMP operation.