Lab 7-1: ARP Security Issues

This lab's task is to experiment with networking and security issues of the various manifestations of the ARP protocol. As already mentioned, this book pretty much excludes security discussions and has a different focus. However, every aspect of networking and systems administration has related security aspects as well. Equipped with tools such as ettercap, arping, arp-sk, and the toolbox of Chapter 6, try to get a feeling of how easy or difficult it is to do the following:

  • MAC spoofing

  • ARP spoofing

  • ARP cache poisoning

  • MAC-based DoS (denial of service)

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks

  • Proxying and hijacking

Study networking aspects such as proxy ARP behavior of your operating system and derive a security policy to cope with threads and weaknesses originating from the ARP suite of protocols. For hints, inspiration, and guidance, look at the sources mentioned in the "Recommended Reading" section at the end of this chapter.