Creating New Directories

If you aren't already running Konqueror, start it up now and make sure you are in your personal home directory. In the main Konqueror window, right-click on any blank area and look at the menu that pops up. Move your mouse pointer over the top item (Create New), and you'll see a secondary menu appear. The first item is Directory, as in "Create new directory." Click here, and the system will prompt you for a directory name. This can be pretty much anything you like. If this directory will house your music files, perhaps its name should be Music.

Just remember that you can create directories inside directories, and you can start organizing things in a way that makes sense. For instance, you might want to create directories called Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Classical in your Music directory.

"I've Changed My Mind" or Renaming Files

You created a folder called Classical, and you really meant Opera. You could delete the folder or you could simply rename it. To rename a file or directory, select it and right-click to get the menu, then choose Rename. The name will be highlighted under the appropriate icon?just type the new name and press <Enter>. Alternatively, select it and choose Rename from the Edit menu in the menu bar. The easiest way of all is to press <F2> after you have selected the file or directory.

Shell Out


Open a Konsole and type ls to see your directories. Renaming a file or directory from the shell is easy. Type mv oldname newname and press <Enter>. For instance, to change your Classical directory to Opera, you would type the following command:

mv Classical Opera